“Our aim at New Star Aluminium City Ltd is to understand your needs and help you come up with a best possible solution for your house or business.”

New Star Aluminium is one of Fiji’s leading manufacturers of aluminium windows and aluminium doors, supplying to the residential, commercial, and construction markets.

Established in 1998, New Star Aluminium provides design, supply, installation and support services for people requiring aluminium and glass works.

Our vision is to be recognised as the best provider for aluminium works in the country.

Following the policy of “Maintaining quality to survive,  Keeping our reputation to develop”, we are the best to provide high quality products with reasonable prices that will suit both your house or business.

Building a new home or doing new renovations is one of the most thrilling and demanding things you can do. That is the reason why it is important to gets things done right by getting proper advise on what’s available that will be used to suit your environment and style.

Windows and doors are the main elements within any home. They provide us with a sense of security, ventillation, ease of access and not to mention the value it will bring to the whole building. Spending time selecting the right windows and doors for your home is worth it. It will maximise views, improve ventilation and safety and make your place a more enjoyable home to live in.

There are so many options to consider from when choosing the right windows and doors. Windows range from sliding to awning to lourve whereas doors range from classic French doors to sliding to bi-fold.

That is why we are here to help from the design process through to the finishing.

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